Power Drilindo is one of the Indonesia’s leading providers of high quality equipment and solutions for construction and mineral surface mining sector.

Our Story

Power Drilindo mining & construction machine and spare parts which was established in 2009 by Mr. Widyadarma Abisetiawan, Mr. Agoes Soewarno, Mrs. Indah Koeswardani and Mr. Herdy Sulistiawan to support the sectors with :

The company milestones:

Our businesses are driven by the needs of our clients, partners and our people. We are motivated by a passion to supply and deliver excellence products and services through expertise. In 2016, we welcomed our Business Development Board, Mr. Peter Cockcroft, a world recognized leader in the energy and resources sector, in order to source new business opportunities.

As a dynamic and innovative company, we continually explore new market opportunities to develop and expand our business. We are proud of our reputation and our people. We are proud to make a difference and to become best in the years ahead.