Pneumatic Drifter

The PD200 pneumatic drifter has a large bore (130mm) cylinder, providing a powerful drive for the rapid and reliable hammering action. A dependable and durable geared motor as well as an independent rotation device further ensure outstanding drilling performance. The drifter can withstand severe working conditions, and can also easily handle a wide range of jobs involving various kinds of rock. A variety of bits ranging in size from 64mm to 102mm is available.

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Hydraulic Breaker

A hydraulic breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator powered by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator for demolishing concrete structures or rocks which is fitted with a foot-operated valve for this purpose.

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Special Bit

3 wings step drag bits are economical tools when drilling softer geological formations and shallower depths, they are primarilydesigned for soft tomedium formations, such as Clay, Loam, Silt ,Mostsoft-to-medium soils that have some moisture, etc. And also step drag bits are recommended for drilling in Mining, Exploration, Environmental, Water well, Geo Exchange, etc.

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Spare Parts For PCR 200

Power Drilindo provides range of quality spare parts for PCR 200.

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Blasting Support

We are providing a wide range of good quality of Blasting Accessories include Kobla Blasting Machine, OHM Meter, Blasting wire, Plastic Linier, and others.

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