Hydraulic Drill Rig: Atlas Copco PowerROC T45

In late 2012, Atlas Copco has divided its product to 4 series, which are PowerROC, FlexiROC, AirROC and SmartROC. By splitting into 4 categories, customers can understand better about the specs of each series.

What available in our company is the top hammer hydraulic drill rig; PowerROC T45. This machine is designed with high reliability, precise penetration rate and easy maintenance. The power eco feature on PowerROC T45 makes it possible to reduce 10% of fuel consumption. In other words, more economic. Not only that, the 20 feet lead-rod with a carousel-style rod handling system makes it easier to operate.

For service and maintenance, PowerROC T45 is a unit that are easy and economical due to on of its features such as an adjustment-free hydraulic drilling system.

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