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Commissioning Pneumatic Rock Drill: PCR-200

Our team is commissioning the Pneumatic Rock Drill PCR-200 before delivering the unit to our latest Project in South Oku. These pneumatic crawler drill are once again chosen to be used in Dam Project. This time, our PCR-200 units are taking a part in Komering II Dam Project in South Sumatra. This PCR-200 is suitable […]

Hydraulic Drill Rig: Atlas Copco PowerROC T45

In late 2012, Atlas Copco has divided its product to 4 series, which are PowerROC, FlexiROC, AirROC and SmartROC. By splitting into 4 categories, customers can understand better about the specs of each series. What available in our company is the top hammer hydraulic drill rig; PowerROC T45. This machine is designed with high reliability, precise […]

Commissioning Atlas Copco PowerROC T45

Our team is preparing the “monster” Atlas Copco PowerROC T45 to be delivered to Aceh, for a project by PT. Meugah Asaikana. Atlas Copco is chosen as it has been known for its flexibility, and reliable performance for surface drilling. As a powerful drilling rig, PowerROC T45 is ideal to be used in construction sites, aggregate […]