Commissioning Pneumatic Rock Drill: PCR-200

Our team is commissioning the Pneumatic Rock Drill PCR-200 before delivering the unit to our latest Project in South Oku. These pneumatic crawler drill are once again chosen to be used in Dam Project. This time, our PCR-200 units are taking a part in Komering II Dam Project in South Sumatra.

This PCR-200 is suitable for wide range of work, from drilling, road construction to dam work. This rock drill is designed with features that will able this drilling rig to work flawlessly. The boom’s 180-degree power dumping, the extra-long 4  feet guide shell slide and other amazing features to help your work done without a single miss. There are no wonder why PCR-200 is chosen to be a part of a dam construction of a 260,3 cubic meters.

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